Roush Performance Facility Tour, Part 1: Video

Ever wonder how Roush Performance does its thing? Find out here.

As we reported earlier in the month, automotive company Roush Performance is working on a multi-part video series to shed some light on its operations, and show fans how it’s able to provide high-performance cars and trucks based on factory Ford vehicles. The first part of that series is now live, and you can watch it above.

In Part 1 of Roush Performance’s tour series, Northwest Regional Sales Manager Will Woodington takes viewers through the company’s Plymouth, Michigan production facility with Vehicle Operations Manager Tom Lipinski. Together, they go over some basics like how Roush Performance receives factory-stock vehicles for modification, how it receives customer orders, and how long it takes to put together a typical Roush Mustang (30 man-hours for an RS3 – about 3 or 4 days in most cases).

We can look forward to new chapters in the Roush Performance tour series every Wednesday.

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from Ford Authority


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