2019 Ford Focus Spotted Playing In The Snow: Spy Shots

A prototype of the forthcoming, all-new Ford Focus compact hatchback has been spotted testing yet again, with spy photographers capturing the future car as it tested in snowy conditions. You can find the gallery of spy shots over at Autocar.

Despite what we’d heard previously, Autocar does not expect the 2019 Ford Focus to grow in length or width: only wheelbase, by some 50mm. This move should improve rear-passenger legroom substantially regardless of whether the body expands in any dimension. Autocar says it’ll also shed about 50 kg versus the current Ford compact, “model for model,” which is about 110 pounds in Imperial units.

The publication also says that a Ford Focus “Active” model is a certainty. Last November, Ford revealed four new Fiesta models, including an “Active” version which rides higher than the rest of the range and ships with utilitarian roof racks and other crossover-inspired touches. The all-wheel-drive system found in the Kuga crossover (“Escape” in the US) could even be offered as an option on multiple Ford Focus models – including, of course, the SUV-esque “Active.”

Stay tuned for more, and be sure to check the Autocar website for the spy shots.
from Ford Authority http://fordauthority.com/2017/02/2019-ford-focus-spotted-playing-in-the-snow-spy-shots/


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