Matt Farah Drives A Ford Focus ST To End All Focus STs: Video

In the latest installment of The Smoking Tire‘s “One Take” series, Matt Farah drives a beastly Ford Focus ST to end all Ford Focus STs: a tuned, 450-horsepower example owned by a man named Louis.

To reach such a stratospherically-high level of power output, Louis had the engine in his Mk III Focus ST built to withstand a massive Garrett GTX 2867R turbo, and fitted a Cobb exhaust and methanol-injection. The motor was tuned by Stratified Automotive Controls.

The hot hatch also boasts a range of other modifications to make it race-ready, such as Sparco bucket seats, a full roll cage, and a quick-release steering wheel. A full suite of upgraded suspension bits keeps all its massive horsepower in-check on the street.

“In-check” may sound like an improbable dream for a front-wheel-drive Focus ST with 100 horsepower more than a stock, AWD Focus RS, but Farah actually seems to find the car quite easy to handle through some twisty mountain roads. Check it out in the video above.

from Ford Authority


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